The small town at the south shore of the lake Arendsee.

The town has a modern beachpool, a health care clinic, a sailor port with boat rental and many other facilities to spend one's leisuretime. Surrounded from needle and pine woods, Arendsee is the favourite vacation spot in the region for over 125 years.

The famous abbey is located approximately 100m from the shore.

Founded by Count Otto I. it was the cloister of the Benediktin's. After the county had converted to the protestant belief the cloister became a ladies' retirement home.

The church became part of the town Arendsee. Today, the church and the relicts of the abbey are a part of the so called "Romanic Street". Numerous carved figurines and the hexagonal "Baptisement-Stone" are as well very important remains of ancient times as well as the altar with the cross wich is one meter high.

...form a special location for various concerts and other culturel events such as theater plays or exhibitions.

The Lake Arendsee, like it is today, appeared in 1685

after saltmines had collapsed. The biggest lake of this kind in northern Germany has a surface of 5,54 m/2. It is 50m deep at the deepest point and 30m in other areas.

After the collapse of the saltmine, 40 ha land disappeared and the mill of arendsee was hereby destroyed. The millstone was brought back up in 1982 and can be seen at the historical museum of Arendsee. The water of the lake is of superior quality and in combination with the fine sandy beach it just right for swimming, diving and relaxation.

Another attraction

of the region ist the "Queen-Arendsee". A boat in Mississippi style. It traverses the lake five times a day within the vacation season.

With various festivities the boat is well known not only in our region.

The region is also for the many different sportive activities one can try. As there are:

Swimming, Sailing, Diving, Tennis, Golf, Horse riding for example. Also you can go to the sauna and cool off afterwards right at the lake. Please ask for detailed information and we will gladly organize any activity you wish.


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Hotel Deutsches Haus
Owner: Burghard Bannier

AdressFriedensstrasse 89 & 91
39619 Arendsee/Altmark

Phone +49 39384 2500 oder 9730

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Hotel Deutsches Haus · Arendsee/Altmark
Owner: Burghard Bannier

Adress:Friedensstrasse 89 & 91 · 39619 Arendsee/Altmark

Phone: +49 39384 2500 oder 9730

Fax:+49 39384 21771

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